Entering – Xing Yi Day 412

Working on how to close on someone from 1 – 2 steps out of reach.

The goal hear is to train it so the movement is sudden and without warning.

If they have time to respond it’s not right yet.

Of course this is trained with all 5 elements and it works a lot better if you use all the previous body qualities and principles.

Rooted Kick & Stepping – Xing Yi Day 391

Start with Pi Chuan.

Keep the moving leg extended (but not locked.) As you step the foot slides along the floor building pressure until it shoots outward. The leg should have an unbending quality with your entire body weight in it.

Work this until you can do it quickly, smoothly and repeatedly with all 5 fists.

Shock Step – Xing Yi Day 377

Take any of the 5 Fists. On the inward gathering part of the movement breath in.

Make sure you feel the entire body fill with breath from head to toe.

On the outward movement, exhale with a highly pressurized shhhh sound. Just as the breath filled the entire body the sound should come from the entire body.

The squeezing pressure of the sound will propel you forwards adding power and speed.

Make sure you can do this with all 5 Fists.

I Chuan Distorts Time – Xing Yi Day 337

Imagine you are holding a heavy bowling ball.

Don’t just imagine it. Feel it.

Now do Pi Chuan. At the point where you would throw the ball…    Don’t.

Let it carry you forward. Go for the ride.

Stay low. Make sure all internal principles are sound.

When this is done properly the opponent will see you closing slowly from a distance & then suddenly you will be right on top of them.

Make sure you “feel the energy” and, of course, practice this skill with all 5 fists.

Double hit with the whole body – Xing Yi Day 300

Try this with Pi Chuan.  The whole body moves up, forwards and then down.

Strike on the down. Let the energy & momentum cycle around a second time. Up, forwards and then down for a second hit.

With a little practice this should deliver two very rapid strikes with one movement. Just remember to stay relaxed and ride the momentum.

Now train this with the other 4 fists.


Earth Finds and Joins the Opponent – Xing Yi Day 260

Stand in “earth” with your outstretched fist facing your opponent.

With just a tiny bit of movement and adjustment on your part the opponent should be unable to get to any part of your body except for that fist. That fist should ideally be pointed right at their face.

Use this position when you’re 15 feet or so from your opponent.

Run towards your opponent while maintaining this position. This posture is very alive. As you close on them keep tracking them with the outstretched fist so that they have to deal with that before they can get to anything else.

As soon as you feel contact, either your fist hitting them or them hitting your arm, use your crossing fist movement to adjust the angle, parry and bring that other fist out while you run them over with whatever other Xing Yi stuff you feel is appropriate.

This is using both the Decoy and the Hide the Movement principles we talked about earlier.

They should never see the second hand coming.

Pheonix Eye Fist – Xing Yi Day 286

Next we have a couple different hand positions.

Day 286 - Phoenix Eye Fist

Make a fist with your thumb on top of the first finger and extend that first knuckle slightly.

This hand position is used as a glancing, raking our gouging type of strike.

Use this idea and play with all 5 fists and your various applications.

Day 289 – Li Gui Chang Hand Positioning

In this hand position your thumb is tucked behind the first two fingers (not inside.)

As with the last one this is mostly used for raking and gouging type strikes.

This position can feel a little awkward at first so work it with all 5 elements and you’ll find it has some nifty effects on the opponent.

Overwhelming your opponent with a continuous barrage – Xing Yi Day 252

Xing Yi is about overwhelming your opponent with a rapid and continuous barrage of strikes as you collide with them and run them over.

In this case we are using Crushing Fist with the kicking we talked about earlier.

Start walking forward slowly and smoothly. Each step is a kick.

Now begin throwing Beng Chuan (crushing) type punches smoothly and continuously without interrupting your forward movement.

Work out the timing so you can throw 3 punches for every step / kick.

Then speed it up and drill it until you can use this tactic to run over your opponent.